Name:      Synadenium halipedicola   L.C. Leach, Garcia de Orta, Sér. Bot. 6: 47. 1984.

Accepted Name:Euphorbia neohalipedicola Bruyns, Taxon 55(2): 413. 2006.
Common Names:None
TOLKIN GUID:54dc386b-7112-4a87-b661-9a414cda6aea
TOLKIN GUID URL:http://app.tolkin.org/guids/54dc386b-7112-4a87-b661-9a414cda6aea
Type Details:
Species: None
Type Collection:
L.C. Leach 11262
Type Date:
14 May 1975
Type Locality:
Mozambique: Sofala Province, prope confinium inter regiones Dondo et Buzi, ca. 29 km S of Muda
Type Herbaria:
Holotype: LISC; isotypes: BM, BR, K, MO, NBG, NH, PRE, SRGH
Neo Type: None
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Subgenus: None
Section: None
Subsection: None
Ingroup Clade: None
Description: None
Habitat: None
Phylogenetic Relationships: None
Comments: None
Chromosome Number: None
Uses: None
Toxicity: None
Conservation Status: None
General Distribution:
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