Name:      Synadenium carinatum   Boiss., Prodr. 15(2): 187. 1862.

Accepted Name:Euphorbia pereskiifolia Houllet ex Baill., Adansonia 1: 105. 1861.
Common Names:None
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Type Details:
Species: None
Type Collection:
Boivin s.n. cult. Richard in Reunion (Bourbon)
Type Date: None
Type Locality:
Cultivated in Botanic Garden of Bourbon (Reunion), from plants the director M. Richard received from Zanzibar {Tanzania} , cuttings sent to Paris in 1853
Type Herbaria:
P, holotype; photo, K [same type as for Euphorbia pereskiifolia acc. to Carter (2002)] - it should also be lectotypified from the same specimen as for E. pereskiifolia, the one at P labelled K negative #17881
Neo Type: None
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Subgenus: None
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Subsection: None
Ingroup Clade: None
Description: None
Habitat: None
Phylogenetic Relationships: None
see Baillon (1863: Adansonia 3:142) for explanation of Boivin collection that is the type of this as well as of E. pereskiifolia
Chromosome Number: None
Uses: None
Toxicity: None
Conservation Status: None
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Carter, S. (2002). "Euphorbia [and other genera]." In: Illustrated Handbook of Succulent Plants: Dicotyledons: 102-230, Urs Eggli. Springer-Verlag, Berlin - Heidelberg - New York.

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