Name:      Monadenium stapelioides f. congestum   , Candollea 17: 36. 1959.

Accepted Name:Euphorbia succulenta var. congesta (P.R.O. Bally) Bruyns, Euphorbia World 3: 5. 2007.
Common Names:None
TOLKIN GUID:0a65f779-7fd5-4a15-88e0-11bdf64d9f19
TOLKIN GUID URL:http://app.tolkin.org/guids/0a65f779-7fd5-4a15-88e0-11bdf64d9f19
Type Details:
Species: None
Type Collection:
P.R.O. Bally E333
Type Date:
30 Sept. 1944
Type Locality:
Tanzania, Masai District, between Loliondo and Naidigidigo, 6000 feet
Type Herbaria:
Holotype: EA; isotype: K
Neo Type: None
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Subgenus: None
Section: None
Subsection: None
Ingroup Clade: None
Description: None
Habitat: None
Phylogenetic Relationships: None
Comments: None
Chromosome Number: None
Uses: None
Toxicity: None
Conservation Status: None
General Distribution:
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DNA Sample(s) Sequences

Bruyns, P.V. (2007). A new subgeneric classification for Euphorbia (Euphorbiaceae) in southern Africa based on ITS and psbA-trnH sequence data - corrigenda. Euphorbia World 3(1), 5.

Carter, S. (1987). New Taxa and Observations in Monadenium (Euphorbiaceae) in East Africa. Kew Bull. 42(4), 903-918.

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